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Laura Cococcia: "Art, in all of its forms, has the unique ability to unify people across cultures, geographies and communities. How do you see music playing a role in changing the way we look at the world?"

Jeff Ting: "There is such great power in music because almost everyone listens to or plays it. I know from my own experiences, certain songs have affected me in profound ways. On my new album Don Quixote, there are two songs in particular that I feel make strong statements. "Insiders & Outsiders" is a song critiquing our political system and the exorbitant amounts of money that often influence policy in Washington." "The other song is called "Wine to Water." It is the name of a charitable organization that brings clean water infrastructure to third world countries in need. The charity started off having wine parties and using the profits to fund their efforts. I thought the juxtaposition of words was genius, because the original saying "Water to Wine" implies that wine is the more valuable commodity. However, since water is absolutely necessary to sustain life, it is really the more valuable of the two. As much as we might think so, we don't need wine to live."

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"Mayday Radio have exceeded my expectations, in fact they have done a whole lot more. They have made a masterful album full of humanity, with warm, soulful, uplifting tracks of the highest quality. The heart rendering emotion displayed in 'The Veil' featuring Angela Ortiz, will be nothing like you've heard this year. The amazing piano work and sound effects on 'Ockham's Razor' is breathtakingly beautiful. Just close your eyes and listen to 'Apology' and you'll be transported to another dimension, while 'Insiders and Outsiders' with it's jangly guitar, compliments the lyrics and spirit of the song, perfectly."

"Jeff Ting puts every inch of his heart and soul into his songs and never leaves a stone unturned. 'Confide' and 'Wine To Water' are quicker and louder in places, but never lose their grace and elegant appeal that Mayday Radio have firmly put into each track. Every song is immense in its own right, and the powerful statement 'The World Is What We Make' is a perfect album closer."

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"In an often numbingly disengaged world bereft of protest songs — from the left, right or center — Don Quixote is welcome, indeed. As Mayday Radio, singer-songwriter Jeff Ting pushes buttons, and boundaries, that have grown dusty from inattention."

"He explores our human failings, at home ("Apology"), in the boardroom ("Insiders and Outsiders") and on the national stage ("The World is What We Make"), and does so even as he tears away the long-held conventions of this genre's folk-rocking, Americana sound, to boot."

"For instance, the title track to Don Quxiote, out today, begins with a stamping beat before swooning into a dramatically uplifting chorus. Its guitar signature, a gnarled outburst of colors, works in direct counterpoint — giving the song a brilliant tension. "The Human Heart" with Cheryl B. Engelhardt; and "Wine to Water," featuring Byron Zanos, have a similarly propulsive, almost tidal push and pull."

"This ain't your daddy's protest music."

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"The lyrics are superb throughout, as Mayday Radio bring genuinely heartfelt appeals for social progress through their music, calling out inequalities and the discrepancy between who we are and who we want to be as people. Opening with the bright title track, Mayday Radio bring a slight country-fied twist to their pop-rock sound with rabble-rousing, positively anthemic, 'The Human Heart.' Things slow down for the emotive 'The Veil,' as Angela Ortiz steps in with a fine guest vocal appearance."

"With a light rock sound that readily recalls the likes of U2 and Pearl Jam, Mayday Radio's latest album has a genuine warmth and an uplifting sense of humanity expressed through the lyrics. The socially-minded wordplay meshes perfectly with the at-times anthemic nature of this release, while at the same time showing a fantastic musical ability. With an appealing pop-minded feel, this album should find a broad audience, while spreading some messages that need to be heard. Mayday Radio show that you don't need an angst-ridden sound to present some genuine content – this uplifting album is certainly worth investigating…"

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"This album is an impressive nine track collection that reflects the same determined intentions to change the world as Don Quixote himself, the band's strong emotional and political stance on issues such as capitalism, religion, human rights and global poverty."

"I think the vibe of Don Quixote is rubbing off on me, because I'm getting that strange feeling of wanting to make a difference in the world, and I think the music of Mayday Radio has been the spark that reignites my passion for a better world."

"So, whether it be a suit of armour dirtied by missions of justice, or a cape worn by the super hero's we're only 90% sure aren't real, don't forget to pack your copy Don Quixote to help pump in the inspiration that can be lost during the tough times, because Mayday Radio have captured it perfectly."

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"Marking the influence of legendary collectives such as U2, and Pearl Jam, and Coldplay, Mayday Radio has branded itself with musical offerings which center on a wide range of topics from capitalism to religion, poverty, and human rights. Their ultimate goal, which they have never wavered about, is indeed social progress and uplift. In their lyrics you can find an overtone of assessment, of the human race and its pitfalls; not just a part of the problem, Mayday Radio seeks to provide answers for the solution(s)."

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"A gifted songwriter, Ting has excelled at conveying his themes through lyrics, becoming a finalist in the Songdoor Songwriting Competition (2009) and earning honorable mention for the NY Songwriters Circle (2010). Songwriting is an area where he's most meticulous, largely because it's an area where he can set himself apart from the repetitive contemporary themes of love stories, clubbing and hard drugs. Not surprising, then, is that his ideas spring from unorthodox places. A pseudo-noble Spaniard with supposedly "delusional" visions of chivalry? Inspiring."

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"The storyline of the album is evident in the title track, which starts out with some march-like percussion and optimistic, adventuresome guitar. Ting sings very passionately, "When I donned this… suit of armor, I convinced myself that somewhere inside me there is honor." He continues the parallelism by comparing his guitar to a sword in the chorus. Other noteworthy tracks on the album are "The Human Heart", in which he discusses the complexities of human emotions and the importance of taking risks, and "Wine to Water", which deals with the issue of a lack of clean water in impoverished parts of the world. Ting puts both human adversity and human strength under the microscope through warm guitar riffs and smooth singing, in the vein of U2 or Coldplay. He touches on simple and uplifting ideas that we may not stop to think of often enough, like the notion, "…we could all be braver than we give ourselves credit for."

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"If an artist names their work "Don Quixote," you can expect a certain level of craziness. Mayday Radio's album similarly examines the quixotic discrepancy between people's behavior and who they strive to be. Led by singer-songwriter Jeff Ting, the group takes inspiration from bands such as U2 and Pearl Jam to explore themes such as capitalism, religion, human rights and global poverty."

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"Together, this group of talent takes on the world with their energetic, uplifting indie pop rock. I hear everything from Hootie and the Blowfish to Dave Matthews Band to Coldplay and even influences from U2. The production quality is a notch above the rest and every mix shines with its own unique glimmer. Mayday Radio is a force to reckon with and I doubt they will be slowing down soon. Rock ballads such as The Veil carry so much emotional power that you can't do anything but feel every note, every lyric, and every moment of the song. Consider me a fan."

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"Mayday Radio is a solid Alternative group that is destined for greatness. Their bright sounds and bold musical basis make them an up and coming band to keep your eyes out for. They combine artistic lyricism with iron-clad instrumentation while using the inequities of the world to change it. I call it ingenious musical freedom fighting. Their brilliant rhythms, alluring sounds and brazen subject matter will stimulate your mind as the music invites you to join them in making our world a more desirable one."


"The Subtle Divide is, without a doubt, one of those indie gems that simply should not be missed. Most of the time, music just wants to have something meaningful to say. With Mayday Radio, the music actually does, and there's no reason we shouldn't listen."


"With an impressive amount of spit and shine for a debut, this rapidly maturing rock-pop with underlying classical training comes through in a bold way. U2-esque riffs and surprising lyrics offer a lush rock punch. Fill 'er up on sweet and savory"


"Rock without pretension. Just wonderful stuff. LOVE IT!"